Conservatory Roof Replacement from Banbury Windows

In recent years, PVC-U conservatories were often fitted with plastic or polycarbonate roofs or even glass units without any energy saving coating. All these are not insulated or energy efficient, which means you will end up paying more to heat it in winter, or simply avoid using it because it’s cold. Conversely in summer months, the conservatory is simply too hot to use.

But there is a solution. Banbury Windows offers a conservatory roof replacement service, removing old polycarbonate roofing and replacing it with thermally efficient double-glazed glass units, which can also be self-cleaning if you prefer.

Offering far better insulation, this will keep the heat in in the winter and help to keep your conservatory cooler in the summer. Solar control glass can add further flexibility, while your conservatory will also be quieter giving you a year round living space to make an ideal dining room, childrens’ play room or just a space to relax.

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